Frequently asked questions

Below, we've compiled answers to commonly asked questions about the Search Engine Land Awards. Still have questions? Email

What are the entry deadlines and fees for entering?  

The entry deadlines for the 2023 Search Engine Land Awards are as follows:

  • Super Early Bird deadline: Friday, May 26 @ 11:59pm ET - $395/entry
  • Early Bird deadline: Friday, July 14 @ 11:59pm ET - $495/entry
  • Last Chance deadline: Friday, September 1 @ 11:59pm ET - $595/entry


Will any of my team/company/client's information be made public? Will Search Engine Land publish it?

Under no circumstances will we publish any content from your application(s) without expressed consent from you and your team. Period. As part of our editorial coverage and promotion of the awards program, we like to feature finalists and winners on Search Engine Land -- but we will never do so without obtaining proper and complete consent first. 

Furthermore, in this coverage, we will never give out client details beyond a company name. Budgets, data/metrics, charts, visuals, and so forth will never be shared on any of our publications. These assets are only accessible to the judges at Search Engine Land and are used solely for evaluation purposes. 


What is the timeframe my campaign should have been conducted in for my team to submit?

For the 2023 Awards, we are looking for campaigns that were executed between Summer 2022 - present day. If you have a long-running campaign and would like to submit for a certain "chunk" of the campaign that took place during the aforementioned timeframe, that is absolutely acceptable. 


What makes a submission stand out to the judges?

Over the years, we've collected advice and insights from past judges on what makes for an award-winning submission. Check out How to craft a winning Search Engine Land Awards entry: Past judges share their advice. Keep an eye on for upcoming interviews with this year's judges and additional advice. As always, if you have any questions about your application, reach out to us at


Is there an entry form I need to download?

No. The entry application process is entirely online, broken down into a multi-step process. Click here to get started. 


What do I need to know before entering?

First, read all of the category descriptions thoroughly to understand the specific criteria for each category. After that, it's up to you to write a compelling case study (750 words max) that incorporates all relevant details to meet the requested criteria and provide supporting data (visual charts/graphs) for the judges' review.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Innovative strategies and creative tactics implemented 
  • Best practices / white-hat methods employed
  • Resources and technology utilized
  • Tangible/measurable business results - specific metrics are required depending on the category

All data submitted is considered confidential by the judges and they are not allowed to share entry materials publicly. The editorial staff of Search Engine Land, Third Door Media, or its partners may request permission to summarize the finalists and/or winning entries post-event. You will be contacted if your entry is selected for editorial or promotional purposes prior to publication.  


Can I submit an entry to more than one category? 

Yes! The final step before payment is where you can save your existing application and begin another. Additional fees will apply for each category entered.


What if I have a question about an Awards category or entry criteria? 

Visit the category page for information about the specific criteria required to submit an application. If you have additional questions, please email


I am a consultant/represent for an agency... can I submit my work for a client?

Of course! We want your work to get the credit it deserves. However, you must have full permission to include client company name/website and provide supporting client data as required. You must also provide a client-side reference, name, and contact details with your submission.


Do you accept entries from outside the United States?

Yes, The Search Engine Land Awards are open to global entries; non-US and international campaigns are eligible. However, all award applications and entries must be submitted in English, and currencies converted to $USD. 


Who are the judges?

The Search Engine Land editorial staff, independent contractors of our parent company, and hand-selected subject matter experts are responsible for the primary task of reviewing and scoring all categories, adhering to strict confidentiality standards in order to maintain the privacy of sensitive data. Other measures are in place to reduce conflicts of interest in judging, and judges are asked to recuse themselves from reviewing and scoring any application in which they may have a personal or business connection.

You can see the complete lineup of 2023 judges here.


When will the winners be announced?
Finalists will be announced on Search Engine Land on October 16, 2023. Winners will be announced on Search Engine Land on October 23.


Can my company sponsor the Search Engine Land Awards?

Absolutely! There are several sponsorship opportunities for industry-leading organizations including agencies, search marketing tools, and platforms to gain visibility through media impressions and on-site at the awards ceremony and celebration event. Sponsoring the awards will not affect the outcome of the independent, editorially-driven judging process. To learn more about sponsoring the Search Engine Land Awards, contact us at